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Because of the Biden-Harris administration's flagrant disregard for law, our southern border is in chaos. Criminals have stepped into the void. Make no mistake, the cartels control our border. The cartels decide who comes, how much each person pays, and how they pay. Almost three million illegal immigrants - from more than 150 countries - are expected to pass through our southern border in 2024 alone. Many will be at the mercy and under the control of criminals. 
Our Democratic-controlled governments both at the federal and local levels, including here in New Jersey, through their silence and lack of due process are complicit in this. In fact, Biden-Harris agencies in conjunction with Democrat mayors and governors are participating in their own style of human trafficking: Transporting undocumented men, women, and even children all over the country without any due process, transparency, or policy in place. They are leading by example, with Republican governors now following suit. It is a mess. And this affects New Jersey. Biden-backed night flights into NY state continued each night into the summer of 2022. A new airport is being used to handle the overflow of undocumented, illegal immigrants:

Border Crises In The News:

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