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We are a nation built by immigrants, whether by choice, necessity, or seeking refuge from dire circumstances. Embracing our heritage as a country of immigrants is fundamental to our identity, yet it is imperative that immigration processes be conducted efficiently, fairly, and safely.

Over the past three years, we have faced unprecedented challenges at our southern border, leaving us less secure and more vulnerable to both foreign and domestic threats. As elected officials, it is unacceptable for such realities to persist under our watch, and it is essential that we address these issues with sincerity and urgency.

To resolve this crisis, we must take decisive action to halt and reverse the influx of illegal migration. Implementing policies such as "Remain in Mexico" as federal law and urging Mexico to deploy its military to the border are critical steps in stopping illegal migrations at their source. We must also collaborate with Mexico and other nations to address the root causes driving individuals to undertake perilous journeys.

Furthermore, we must prioritize the deportation of recently arrived illegal immigrants, particularly violent criminals who pose a threat to our communities. Empowering our border patrol and law enforcement agencies to enforce existing laws is paramount to restoring order and security.

Additionally, reforming our immigration system is essential to promoting legal immigration and assimilation into our society. By making the process more efficient and favorable for those seeking to migrate legally and contribute positively to our nation, we can ensure the integrity of our immigration system while bolstering our economy.

Working together with my colleagues, I am committed to addressing these challenges head-on and implementing solutions that uphold our values as a nation of immigrants while safeguarding our borders and national security.





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