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I understand that parents know what is best for their families and that quality education is an integral part of raising happy, healthy children. Education is the great equalizer in the United States and is key to ensuring that all children in their communities, regardless of wealth or demographics, have access to the same opportunities available in our beautiful state and country.


The federal government has failed to create long-term modern success in the public school system despite over 40 years of oversight and interference in local decisions and priorities. The time has come to eeturn to a model where schools are accountable to parents, not teachers' unions or agencies or politicians, for the quality and content of our children’s education.


When elected, I will specifically advocate for a reduction in federal red tape and regulation that

consumes time and resources and access to school choice so that parents can be empowered to make the best decisions for their children, for a removal of federal control over local curriculum, and be a strong voice against the woke culture consuming our schools and our community. 


As a product of school choice, I know how life changing school choice can be. When families can choose where they attend school, educational opportunities will be equalized across the community, no matter the socio-economic level of the student. This is something we should all celebrate. Furthermore, when we allow school choice, parents are empowered to demand better outcomes, and the ensuing competition will incentivize ill-performing schools to improve.


I will also advocate against any federal measures to influence how your school system manages curriculum decisions. Those are decisions that should be made at the school level, where your personal voice is heard.


When families have a voice, true equality of opportunity can emerge in our public school systems. It is imperative that we do everything we can to ensure that all of our children have access to a quality education to prepare them for the future, and that means empowering local parents to make decisions regarding their children’s academics.

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