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Going for the WIN!

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

From Darius Mayfield

October 3, 2022

We are only five weeks from election day, November 8th! No time to slow down now. My team and I are working hard to visit every township in the district. While the Democrats and the Washington elites focus on fringe issues and Trump, we are facing real issues in this country and in this district. As I talk to people throughout the district, I consistently hear about their concerns over the Biden-Harris administration's handling of the economy (inflation, gas prices, grocery price increases), education and parental rights, and national security. Within national security I hear that people are concerned that our country is heading into yet another war and an open southern border where people and drugs are trafficked into our country.

I am your candidate for Congress that listens and will fight for you! I believe in strong defense, secure border, parental rights, school choice, sound fiscal policies, and no more political cartels. #VOTEDEMOUT



This week I had the great honor of participating in an Indo-American celebration in South Brunswick. What a magical night it was celebrating with the Indo-American Cultural Foundation of Central Jersey (IACFNJ). The video below is my team and me participating in a traditional Indian garba dance. I am so thank that New Jersey is wonderfully diverse. Thank you IACFNJ for welcoming us into your celebration.



My campaign is gaining traction in the national media. This week I was interviewed by Newsmax.



This past weekend I was invited to participate in a panel discussion with strong black leaders in our community. I shared the stage with Ashton Burrell (national community leader), Shaun King (Founder of Grassroots Law Project), and Keith Jones (Director of Human and Community Services- New Brunswick). While we did not always share beliefs or political stances, we had very productive conversations on criminal justice reform, economic equality, and ways to get people in the community more engaged in politics.



For October 6th event RSVP Here!

For October 17th event RSVP Here!

For other events click check out my calendar, which is updated daily.



If you are able, please donate to my campaign Here! Any amount helps!



I am in the process of replenishing my yard sign inventory, so if you would like a yard sign, please contact me by filling out this form.



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