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Momentum is BUILDING

September 27, 2002

By Darius Mayfield

What an incredible week this has been. My team and I have visited almost every local community day in the district. We have door-knocked hundreds of homes, and we are continuing to call the residents all throughout this district. I have loved getting to know so many incredible people and learning about what your main concerns are. I want to work for you and I promise I will fight for you every single day.


Sisters Helping Others

I had the great pleasure of meeting and working with Ms. White and her amazing team at the "Sisters Helping Others" (SHO) food bank in Trenton. Wow, what an amazing experience. If you have the time and resources, please check out this wonderful organization. Ms. White focuses her efforts on serving the seniors and children in her community so no-one goes to bed hungry. The team at SHO and the people they serve have forever changed me and my team's lives. Check out my video of that day. To serve or support SHO, contact Ms. White at 609-341-0752, address: 875 New Willow St. Trenton, NJ.


Fall Season in New Jersey

Fall season is time for local communities to come together and celebrate. This past weekend I went to Ewing Community FEST, Franklin Day, Feed Franklin, Helmetta Borough Day, and even a vintage baseball game. In between all of that, we delivered yard signs! All I can say is that I love New Jersey! Here are a few pictures of my adventures through New Jersey. Thank you again to all the first responders. I will always back the blue.



After a weekend of community events, my team and I knocked on several hundred doors in Hillsborough. Please let me know if you are interested in volunteering!


Mark Your Calendars for October 6th! and RSVP Today.

Please come and join me at my next fundraising event! RSVP today HERE!

For upcoming events click HERE.


Please Donate

If you are able to donate to my campaign, I would really appreciate it! If you can please donate HERE.


NEWSMAX Interview this week!

Don't miss my NEWSWEEK interview this Thursday at 10:20. I will be talking about the campaign and the Crisis at the Border documentary.


Yard Signs

We have been delivering signs all across the district. If you would like a yard sign- please go to my website and fill out the "request a sign" form and we will get one to you! To request a yard sign here.

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