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The End is in SIGHT!

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

October 13, 2022

By Darius Mayfield

The end of the campaign season is in sight, but there is no time to slow down. My team and I continue to knock on doors, make phone calls, attend events, and raise as much money as we can to make it to the finish-line successfully. With the election less than one month away, I am getting my message out:

  • Unity, where Not Black. Not White. American. is not just a slogan, it is a way of life

  • Small government, less tax burden.

  • School-choice, where every parent has the ability to choose the right school for their children.

  • Secure the southern border, while supporting legal immigration.

  • A peace through strength international policy.

  • Energy independence.

  • America first, where the citizens of this country are considered first over the needs of the world.

  • Help decrease crime and bring TANGIBLE economic opportunities to underserved communities.

  • Sound economic decisions to combat runaway inflation.

My campaign is about YOU. Get out and vote, elect me to represent YOU.



Last week my team and I had the great privilege of joining American Cleanup for their Trenton cleanup. I love giving back to my community. YOU are my community. During our time volunteering at this event, I talked to many of the local residents of Trenton. Here is a video from Cephas, a Trenton resident. To his point, yes, I want to be held accountable and I hope you will hold me accountable.



Since announcing my run for congress last year, I have knocked on over 20,000 doors. One of the highlights of door-knocking has been the opportunity to speak to so many people all throughout the district. The last two weeks have been no exception. This past week we started our Trenton outreach. With the help of our amazing team, we knocked on over 2000 doors in Trenton alone, in one week! A big shout out to team Trenton! You are the best. We plan to continue door-knocking with this amazing team.

We also door-knocked in Milltown. People are ready for a change in leadership!



RSVP today, here!

RSVP today, here!

Upcoming events

October 26th, Trenton Donnelly Homes Townhall. For more information click here.



If you are able to donate towards my campaign, I would greatly appreciate it. Any amount helps. Donate here.



If you are interested in a yard sign click here. If you are interested in helping us place signs on roads in your area and pick up the signs after the election, please email me at:

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