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I have visited our southern border three times in the last year alone. I was shocked by the chaos and brutality each time I visited. The lawlessness is an open invitation to drug gangs, cartels, and criminals. These criminals and gangs are trafficking people for dollars under the guise of immigration. It's not immigration. It's an invasion under the disastrous decisions by the Biden-Harris administration.

This is my documentary on the dangers of this human trafficking invasion and its effects on Americans and our society. Americans need to elect leaders, like myself, who will put America first and return to our values and laws. I am a Congressional candidate for the 12th district of New Jersey. To the people in my district, if you want better than this, vote for me, Darius Mayfield, in the November 8th, 2022 election. - Darius Mayfield

Our southern border is being infiltrated like we have never experienced before. This is not just a border state issue any longer; it's a national issue. This is a New Jersey issue.

  • In the first six months of 2022, the Biden-Harris administration has released 1.05 million illegal immigrants into the United States; more people than in Biden's home state of Delaware. [1]

  • There is a shocking lack of communication on behalf of the Biden-Harris administration, leaving a shroud of secrecy on where they are sending these illegal immigrants. Some are flown to different states in the middle of the night, including airplanes full of unaccompanied children. [2]

  • Evidence now exists that three U.S. meat slaughter companies are breaking federal child labor laws by employing undocumented children and working them beyond what is legal. [8]

  • Synthetic fentanyl and methamphetamines are produced by Mexican drug cartels with chemicals sourced from China, America's main foreign adversary. 

  • Fentanyl and methamphetamines are driving drug overdose deaths in America. The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) seized more than 12,000 pounds of fentanyl in 2021. This is enough to provide every member of the American population with a lethal dose. [3]

  • The cost of illegal immigration to the taxpayer is approximately $134 billion annually. Of which New Jersey taxpayers absorb approximately $4.50 billion and this amount is expected to grow. [4] 

  • In June of 2022, Governor Murphy said he intends to pay up to $4,000 per illegal immigrant household out of funds earmarked for COVID-19 relief. [5]

  • In Governor Murphy's 2023 proposed budget he set $53 million of taxpayer money aside for illegal immigrants. Money which had been earmarked for pandemic relief. [6]

  • According to the U.S. Department of Justice, almost half of all of the criminals prosecuted in federal courts in 2018 were illegal immigrants. These individuals were charged with crimes ranging from drug trafficking to abduction and murder. Additionally, many are repeat offenders. [7]

These are a few pictures I personally took from the border. Please use the arrow on the right to scroll through the pictures.

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