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"As your Congressman, I promise to always consider your thoughts and views when drafting legislation and working for our collective futures. New Jersey is a beautiful state with considerable resources and I want to make sure they are at work for everyone, not just a lucky few. This means tackling corruption, making school choice the right of ALL our youth, instituting term limits, thus, beginning to breakdown the political cartels at their source and replacing it with a government, really, for the people and by the people.

Politicians have become comfortable demonizing and disrespecting the very people they represent, posturing unwarranted confidence, and corrupted by absolute power. From the exorbitant cost of living, property taxes increases - which personally increased over 35% in just 5 years -

to underfunded pensions and crumbling infrastructure, nobody blames New Jerseyans for being fed up and ready for a Candidate and solutions that match the advanced times we are in."

Learn more about Darius Mayfield for America and their vision for the world. Here you will find all the information you need surrounding the political concerns Darius Mayfield for America is addressing, as well as key policies that Darius Mayfield for America fights to uphold. As our society is ever-changing, so are political issues and the need to amend governmental policies. Stay tuned here.

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This particular issue has been increasingly gaining coverage all over the world. Why exactly? It is an issue that needs to be addressed, and heavily discussed among the American people and legislators alike. Darius Mayfield for America is pushing for change and is doing everything they can to see a brighter future. 

In a world full of hypocrisy, truth is often easy to find but with the climate, our "leaders" have created, truth is often the enemy of reality. "The Constitution, notably, placed few hurdles between ordinary citizens and becoming a Member of the U.S. House of Representatives."  Darius Mayfield goes onto say, "We are all Americans at the end of the day and the racial/class division and angst the media speaks of so often is not indicative of how I grew up in this great country. We need regular people to start running for office to reflect the reality on the ground. Not the lobbyist with the best connections or the party-controlled lawyer that “talks the talk and walks the walk,” just like the Party tells them to. We no longer need you to have the biggest black book to be our leader, we need you to have the biggest heart."


Darius Mayfield for America is truly passionate about this issue, as it is one that impacts so many people in District 12 and throughout New Jersey.

As someone who was directly affected by this issue, it is one that truly resonates with the direction of his efforts in education and access to the best possible education. 

Darius Mayfield states: 

"We need the Federal Government and politics out of our schools. I promise to work with District 12 communities to help restore power to their local school boards, teachers, and parents while working collectively to raise educational standards, lower dropout rates, and bring viable school choices to every community. Most importantly, we need to make sure our kids are not penalized for the failures of officials and school districts, especially, during these trying times. Education is a right afforded to all Americans, so let's make sure we start getting it right the first time around. No more excuses only solutions."

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Darius Mayfield for America is proud to support and push for change throughout the community.

Darius Mayfield believes "this is an issue New Jersey has been struggling with for over a century. Our population density mixed with excessive mismanaged spending is the straw that continues to break the camel’s back. Rather than allowing municipalities to charge local income taxes and sales taxes, New Jersey continues to snatch whatever they feel they want through the property tax racket. We need common-sense solutions where we can improve New Jersey resources without continuing to selfishly burden the people we’re supposed to be serving. The business of government should never come at the expense of the people."

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Darius Mayfield for America is a changemaker and willing to tackle the tough issues, head-on, with your support. These are the concerns of US - regular Americans. 

One of the most important things we can do to restore our Republic is to impose the same term limits on Congress and the Senate that we levy on our Presidents. We need these limits, to promote new people into office, and end the dogma of how our nation is governed. To illustrate to the other states in our union, that the Garden State will be the leaders in new and innovative thinking and to follow suit and bring about real change in Congress.

Absolute power corrupts absolutely. The amount of power our officials have amassed is the product of our failure to act and limit the power of public servants. While it is generally understood, the will of the Nation’s people, does desire term limits on Congressional leaders, Congress itself is unwilling to enact the changes to meet the will of the people. They claim the will of the people is represented in duly legal elections. Yet, those elections are always skewed toward the incumbent, because low voter turnout feeds the general malaise in the election process as a whole. Because Congress turns a blind eye to the “Will of the People” they will not enact this law on their own. It’s quite possible that Term Limits may be the only way for the political class to truly unite US and follow the true will of the people. I will always follow the will of the people.

People over politics.