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In the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic and amidst recent years of challenging economic policies, it is imperative to provide relief to small businesses and the hardworking middle class, as well as those who have been underserved. Darius is committed to spearheading efforts to make the 2017 tax cuts permanent for small businesses and everyday Americans.


The heart of America's economy lies within its middle class and small businesses, and it is essential to prioritize their well-being. By making these tax cuts permanent, financial burdens can be alleviated, and the daily struggles faced by millions of Americans can be eased. It's crucial to acknowledge the significant impact of the 2017 tax legislation, which not only eliminated federal taxes for many underserved citizens but also enhanced competitiveness by adjusting corporate rates. Additionally, it addressed loopholes and facilitated record-setting tax collections.


Furthermore, Darius will collaborate with Congress and the executive branch to swiftly restore America's position as a leader in energy production. Energy dominance encompasses various fields, including gas, oil, clean energy, and solar power. However, he advocates for a balanced approach that avoids undue government favoritism towards one industry over another. The focus should be on responsibly tapping into our nation's abundant energy reserves while simultaneously fostering innovation and diversification within the energy sector.


Relying on oil imports from adversarial nations undermines our economic stability and national security. By prioritizing domestic energy production and exploration, inflation can be reduced, security can be enhanced, and a resilient energy policy that benefits all Americans can be established.


This comprehensive strategy will not only bolster the economy but also reinforce national security and pave the way for sustained prosperity without compromising the economic well-being of citizens.

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