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Americans cherish our Constitution and natural-born rights. Americans do not want to be led by the World Economic Forum and its fantasies of a new world order. We are not gullible about globalist central planning schemes that will only destroy our freedoms and our sovereign free-market economy. And freedom is always the cornerstone of a free-market economy.


I value freedom in my own life. I am unpaid by corporate interests. I am not controlled by lobbyists. I have no ambitions to score a cushy “think tank” gig. As your Congressman, I will expose corruption and conflicts-of-interest in the spending bill process. I will persist in making those bills stream-lined and free from globalists’ agendas. I will evaluate all line items in each federal budget for the benefit of the American People, the people of New Jersey, and small-business owners. I will thwart the interference from mega-corporations and lobbyists at the expense of the people. I pledge to oppose any bill I cannot read in full, let alone research, due to last-minute political games.


The elite Marxist political class has been betraying the American people for a very long time. The difference now is that we, the people are aware of humanity’s dark urge to destroy that which is functioning and those who are peaceful and content. The failures of our political class are no accidents. They are neither mistakes nor policy blunders: Look no further than the sharp, consistent rise in the inflation rate, now at a 40-year high. We witnessed in real-time the doubling of gas prices within days of the Biden-Harris administration taking office. They shut the Keystone Pipeline. They imposed tyrannical mandates that cut production for goods, including the most basic - food.


This is a classic formula of tyrants: Cripple a people so as to control them. Instead of Communism, it’s the Green New Deal. The slogans have changed but the intentions are the same. The elites need to get real: We can see what is happening and have rights that protect us. Americans need to elect leaders who can speak truth to power and guide the economy back to free-market values with its proven track record of creation, imagination, innovation, and growth.


As your Congressmen, I will advocate for Congressional oversight of the National Security

Strategy (NSS) from which our policies derive. I will drive the economic and financial agenda toward independence, starting with energy. Our country must return as an energy producer asap. We all saw and experienced the benefits of producing our own energy during the Trump years – lower prices throughout the supply chain and strong job growth. America needs to manufacture and produce their goods, too. We need to encourage our businesses to produce locally for greater independence.


I will also personally lead the fight to preserve the strength of the US dollar. Our central

bank must stop undermining its value through overprinting and excessively loose monetary

conditions. Our political-banking elite is mismanaging “on purpose” so as to build back some utopia that no doubt will make a select few wealthy while depriving the people. I’m ready to support and advocate for you, the people of New Jersey, at this critical time.


I’m not a trust fund baby, an Ivy leaguer, or a celebrity. I am a man from the streets of New

Brunswick who loves my country because she gave me the freedom to grow and prosper. I know what works because of that love and experience. I will sponsor bills that incorporate the best economic and financial minds who wish to see America and her people prosper once again.

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