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After his initial election bid in November 2022, Darius established the Darius Mayfield Foundation, dedicated to enhancing educational opportunities and providing school choice in diverse communities while addressing transportation obstacles faced by families in underserved rural and urban areas. Since its inception, he has engaged with numerous Congressional representatives and their teams to discuss the foundation's initiatives.


Darius's proposals aim to dismantle bureaucratic barriers within local educational institutions, facilitating greater access to quality education and school choice through both federal and state legislation. Empowering parents to allocate their tax dollars toward their preferred educational institution—whether public, charter, private, or religious—will shift responsibility from government agencies to parents and educators. Through "Increased Quality Educational Access" legislation, he aims to return control of children's futures to those who know them best.

He will champion legislation promoting financial literacy classes, trade education, and other beneficial educational requirements. Additionally, he will advocate for measures incentivizing the establishment and expansion of trade schools within school districts, challenging the stigma surrounding nontraditional education and highlighting its substantial benefits in terms of earning potential and opportunity.

Lastly, in collaboration with Congress, Darius will address the nationwide bus driver shortage by modernizing outdated CDL regulations and nurturing the next generation of drivers.


All educational legislation he endorses will prioritize choice, quality, and care for students and families alike.

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