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Image by Jeremy Bezanger


As an America First candidate, I believe that one of the most important rights of Americans is to feel safe, whether it be foreign or domestic. Our country is being challenged not only by Iran, but China and Russia. Domestically, we are facing a migration crisis and increased crime nationwide. All of the issues above were not happening under an America first policy; instead, these issues were created by extreme left policies pushed by my opponent, Bonnie Watson Coleman, and Joe Biden. We must act and stop weakening American security.


The United States military is the greatest in the world. However, due to weak leadership by Joe

Biden, many countries now desire to push for their own agendas because they know that Joe Biden will be negligent. That is what is leading to the Ukraine crisis and in the future, Taiwan. When foreign issues such as this happen, the United States government must hold our adversaries accountable while maintaining peace through strength policy.


Domestically, I have personally visited the US southern border three times in the last year. That is more than Kamala Harris, Joe Biden, or Bonnie Watson Coleman. Due to open border policies, Cartels have free reign on the border to traffic people, criminals, drugs, and weapons. These cartels kill, torture, and abuse the migrants coming over, including children. They also pose a security risk to residents of our border cities. This policy creates a national security threat that affects every state in the union. This policy of open borders also brings dangerous drugs like fentanyl into our country and into our communities. These drugs wind up in the hands of our children. Addiction and overdose are common themes in our communities and schools.


Rather than having a soft-on-crime approach, we must reinforce our values by backing the blue, making sure that police officers have the ability to do their job and that prosecutors do not give anyone a free pass. Further, we must eliminate the incentive to commit crimes by strengthening our economy and education system so that people do not feel the need to break the law to survive.

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