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A Message from Robert

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

By Darius Mayfield

October 24, 2022

Meet Robert. He is a resident of Trenton and he has a message for everyone in the district.

It is Not Black. Not White. American. I have spent the last few weeks with the people of Trenton. I know what it is like to live in an underserved community. I understand the struggle. I support and stand with each of you. As Robert said, give me a chance this November 8th and I will fight for you, for justice, and common-sense policies.



Over the last few weeks my team and I have been diligently working all throughout the district. We have knocked on thousands of doors, participated in local community events, and attended a few fundraising events. I also attended a candidate forum in Princeton, where once again, my opponent, Bonnie Watson Coleman did not show up. It appears we have just another politician running for office from her basement, unwilling to speak to you, the constituents. Remember this on November 8th.

We are two weeks away from Election Day. No time to rest. Make sure you vote this November 8th and encourage all your friends to go vote! Every single vote counts, now more than ever. We must fight against the current administration's policies, which are supported by the Democratic leadership in Washington. These policies are destroying America's prosperity and our standing on the global stage.

I am for policies that focus on America first: reduce crime, protect parents' rights, promote school choice, encourage sound economic policies (to fight against inflation), secure our border, and promote strong national security. Lastly, I am for unity.

Unity is vital in today's politically divisive world. Of the over 20,000 doors I have knocked throughout this district, not one person believes that we should be divided by color, creed, or anything. My motto, "Not Black. Not White. American." resonates with every American. Whether on the streets of Hillsborough or on the streets of Trenton, we are united. Let's not be torn apart for political gain. We are a United America!

VOTE for me November 8th!



I had the great honor of recording a campaign video in DC for the GOP which will be played across black media outlets for the remainder of the campaign season. Thank you to the Cecilia and Janiyah with RNC Black Engagement!



Trenton Townhall

Join us this Wednesday, October 26th, in Trenton. We will be hosting a Townhall at the Donnelly Gym. We will open with a performance from Magnetic Smooth Steppers, a local Trenton youth dance team. Additionally, Kevin's Kitchen will be catering food at a first come first serve basis. Darnella White will be our moderator. Come and join the fun!


Additionally, we have several upcoming door-knocking events that we would love your help with! We are looking for volunteers. Please check out our calendar here. This events page is updated frequently, so check often. You can RSVP right on the website or by email at



A big THANK YOU to all our volunteers! We could not be where we are at without your help, I am so thankful for each and every one of you. This is just one picture of the many volunteers we have had throughout this campaign.


If you are able to donate, any amount helps takes us to the finish line! Donate here.

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