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Eight Days to VICTORY!

By Darius Mayfield

October 31, 2022


Election Day is only eight days away and early voting started this past Saturday. We are at a critical time in our nation, where we must reflect on where we are as a nation today and what we hope for the future. The path we should take has never been clearer. We must:

  • Fight against the radical left's school indoctrination and attacks on parental rights, destructive and inflationary economic policies that are harming every single American, and disastrous open-border policies which allow for human trafficking and drug smuggling.

  • Stand strong against the division the left purposefully tries to force upon us.

  • Vote out weak leaders and vote in strong leaders that will put the people of this great country first.

Remember, I am an America first candidate. We have so many problems here at home that need to be addressed before we can fix the problems of other nations around the world. I stand for unity, where we are "Not Black. Not White. American." This is not just a motto, it is my personal belief system.

At the end of the day, we are all Americans. We all want to raise our families in peace, safety, and security. I am a strong leader who will fight for you and your families. I will fight for school choice and parental rights, sound economic policies, a secure border and strong national defense. I will put the needs of Americans first. On November 8th, the choice is clear: vote Darius Mayfield for Congress.

Together, let us unseat Bonnie Watson Coleman, the career politician, and her radical policies that harm every American and the future of our democracy.




Over the last couple of weeks, we have knocked on over 2500+ doors in Trenton, 600+ doors in Franklin, 400+ doors in Princeton, and 600+ doors in Ewing. My team and I are dedicated to the people of New Jersey and have worked hard getting that message out. In total we have knocked on over 25,000 doors and made almost 36,000 phone calls throughout the district and I intend to increase these numbers during this final week of campaigning!

Last week I had the great pleasure of holding a Townhall meeting in Trenton at the Donnelly Homes complex. We catered food, the "Magnetic Force Smooth Steppers" dance team performed, and I engaged with the people of Trenton on complex issues facing their city. I am so grateful for each and everyone that came out. When elected, I will represent all people in the district.



As Election Day draws near, we have just a few more events we would like you to consider attending.

Our last fundraising and meet and greet event is this Tuesday night. The event is hosted by Jeff Grant. Please RSVP here.

Election Night Watch Party! All are welcome. The event is free, but you must RSVP. Please RSVP here.



November 8th is the day to cast your vote for the future of America! If you are unclear where to vote, click here to find your closest precinct.

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