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Campaign Kicks-OFF!

New Jersey American Party Republican Poised to be the Future of New Jersey Politics


East Brunswick, NJ --- Today, the political committee “Darius Mayfield for America” announced the candidacy of, New Jersey’s native son, Darius Mayfield for New Jersey’s 12th District congressional seat.

Darius Mayfield, born at St. Peters Hospital in New Brunswick NJ, is a businessman, entrepreneur, philanthropist, activist, and devoted patriot sincere in his quest to reinvigorate the American Spirit and, not only talk of but live the unity we seek.

“Not Black. Not White. American,” Darius said, “We are all Americans at the end of the day and the racial division and angst the media speaks of so often, is not indicative of how I grew up in this great country. We need regular people to start running for office to reflect the reality on the ground. Not the lobbyist with the best connections or the party-controlled lawyer that “talks the talk and walks the walk” just like the Party tells them to. We no longer need you to have the biggest black book to be our leader, we need you to have the biggest heart.”

Whether it’s picking up trash with volunteers in New Jersey’s inner cities like Camden, Newark, and Paterson, or passing out clothing and feeding the homeless in Plainfield, New Brunswick, and Trenton, Darius is selfless in his giving and steadfast in his love of ALL Americans. “Coming from humble beginnings, a single mom on welfare and inner angst due to economic conditions that so many battle with today, I understand the plight of many still hurting. Darius goes onto say that having a mother with the strength of ten lions afforded him the opportunity to enjoy a better quality of life and attend better schools, later in life. Darius will forever be grateful for his mother’s struggle which he quotes, “made me the man I am today. I know that will always guide me in bringing all Americans, from all sides of the aisle, together, because I’ve lived it.”

Darius is excited about the opportunity to serve his native district and help elevate the quality of life for urban and rural underserved communities alike and will ensure that New Jersey’s middle-class communities continue to grow while tackling issues like the high property taxes that plague our district and state at large. “A true man for the people,” and as he said, “as regular as they come.”

As he puts it, “Not Black. Not White. American. Vote Darius Mayfield for America.”

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