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Campaign Trail Update

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

By Darius Mayfield

September 14, 2022

We have less than 60 days left to fight for New Jersey's 12th District Congressional seat! My team and I have been incredibly busy and we are loving every minute getting to know you and your families. Thank you for all the kind words, support, financial donations, and the kind reception we have received as we have canvassed many areas in the district. While I am the one running for this seat, I consider this a team effort with all of you. I love New Jersey. As a life-long resident I understand the struggles you face and I hope you will trust me to represent you in Washington.


9/11 Never Forget

Let's never forget the attack on our nation 21 years ago. Let's always remember the precious lives lost on that fateful day in September 2001. Our country was forever changed by these atrocious acts. Let us also remember to thank our first responders who willingly put themselves in harms way every single day. Let us also remember to thank our military members who risk their lives to ring the bell of freedom throughout the world. To each of you, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for sacrifice, service, and courage.


Door-Knocking and Phone Bank Update

This past week I spent several days door-knocking in residential areas in North Plainfield. Wow, what an amazing experience. I met so many people who are tired of what is going on in our state and our nation. We convinced many undecided and registered democrat voters to support me and my campaign this November. So far we have knocked on over 14,000 doors! We have also made over 25,000 calls throughout the district! What an amazing team we have. Join us!


Door-Knocking Businesses

Along with door-knocking in the residential areas, we are door-knocking on local businesses too. We spent a day getting to know the business owners in North Plainfield. Many owners are not happy with the direction of this country and are frustrated with the current economic situation. They want change! Several businesses put my campaign signs up in their storefront windows. I am overwhelmingly grateful for their kindness and their support. As we walked up and down Somerset St. we talked to so many people. We even helped a few people register to vote. Here are a few pictures of the businesses supporting my campaign.


Hillsborough GOP

I attended Hillsborough GOP kickoff event hosted by Jack Ciattarelli. What an amazing night. We have an awesome group of people running for local offices. The candidates were invited to speak about who we are and why we are running. Thank you Jack Ciattarelli for opening up your home and for your endorsement! Thank you to everyone who took my yard signs! Spread the word!


Plainfield Clean-Up

Clean-up days are important to me. I have been participating in clean-up days for a couple of years now. I love New Jersey and the people of New Jersey and giving back to the community is one way I am able to show how much I appreciate them. This last clean-up was in Plainfield and what a difference we made in this one area of town. Join me next time we clean-up, we would love to have you with us.


Cranbury Day

My team and I were so happy to spend the day at Cranbury, NJ at their annual "Cranbury Day." We talked to so many people and handed out campaign literature. So many people took home yard signs! Wow! A few people even signed up to be volunteers too. What an amazing day. To our first responders- I appreciate you and thank you for your service!


Latest Interview:

Check out my recent interview on Real America's Voice.


Press Release

My recent Press Release was published in Insider NJ. I am asking for Monroe-based Rossmore Adult Community Condo board to re-evaluate a truly heart breaking case of special needs elderly couple that could be forced out of their home over late fees. In New Jersey we stand together. Please read Insider NJ article here.

For information on my formal Press Release and the Legal documents, click here.


Join the Fun! Get Involved.

There are so many ways to get involved with my campaign. If you are interested please fill out the form here. I would love to hear from you!

There are also ways to help during the election. Each county is looking for poll watchers and election volunteers.

Want a yard sign? Let me know! email me at:


Upcoming Events

Please check our events page on my website, we update events often:


If you are able to donate to my campaign, I would be incredibly grateful. Going up the democrat machine here in New Jersey is tough, so any amount is so appreciated. If you can donate, please donate here.

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