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A Message From Darius Mayfield

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

My campaign for New Jersey's 12th Congressional District is in full swing. I have met so many amazing people throughout our district. Many, like me, are tired of our current political and economic environment. It is time for a change!

During the last month my team and I, along with all the wonderful volunteers who have joined us, have been knocking on doors, visiting local businesses, and attending local government meetings. Thank you for the wonderful and kind reception you have given us. We have converted many undecided and even decided voters to vote for me.

On August 23rd, I released my mini-documentary of the dangerous situation unfolding at our southern border. I have visited the southern border three times in the last year. The situation is dangerous and getting worse by the day. The open-border policies of the Biden-Harris administration is causing a human trafficking epidemic, facilitating dangerous fentanyl flooding into our cities, allowing a wave of criminals passing into our country, and leading to serious crimes against women and children like we have never witnessed before in history. I hope you take the time to watch this short documentary of my personal experiences.

I deeply care about the people of New Jersey, our country, and the lives that are terrorized by the cartels. These current policies must stop.

To learn more about the crisis unfolding at our border also visit:


Over the last several weeks, I have been going door to door in many parts of the district. Thank you for allowing me to tell my story and hearing why I am running. Thank you also for pledging your support! Last weekend we participated in Super Saturday South Brunswick door knocking event. Wow! We are getting incredible reception as we spread the good word about turning our country around on November 8th! Some of the pictures are from other door-knocking events. New Jersey, you rock!


Thank you also to the many people who have taken the time to open their homes so I can meet their friends and neighbors. District 12 is made up of the kindest people in the nation! I absolutely believe that and the reason why I would like to represent you in Congress. Thank to Mr. and Mrs. Perillo for making me feel so welcomed.


I had the great pleasure of attending an Old Bridge Board of Education meeting in August. I will be attending many more all throughout the district in September and October. It was a wonderful opportunity to talk with parents in the district fighting for their children's curriculum. Education, school choice, and parental rights are fundamental issues in this district and nationwide. I intend to fight for you and your children every single day.


It was a great honor to attend the Pakistan 75th Independence Day celebration in Edison, NJ. Over the years I have had the great pleasure to get know and understand the Pakistani people. Rich culture! Great people! Great Americans! Prayers to the Pakistani people impacted by the catastrophic flooding the nation is experiencing right now.


I also had the distinct pleasure of attending and speaking at the BLEXIT event in July. This was an awesome event! VoteDEMout!



  • September 7th- Don't miss my live interview with Jaime Umphenour, host of "Sound Off" at 4 pm. Listen on 99.3 FM or 1230 AM.

  • September 10th- Plainfield clean-up and Cranbury Day (my team will represent!)

  • September 22nd- Meet and Greet with Colleen Pace RSVP here

  • September 24th- Franklin Days (my team will represent!)

  • October 6th- Fundraiser Event RSVP here

Events are being constantly added, for more information on events, check out my Events page on my website here.


If you have missed my recent interviews (NEWSMAX, Joey Bloch) click here


For further information about my campaign, please check out my website at:

To get involved click here!


To donate to my campaign (and any amount helps!), please click:

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